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PBX Features

Web Portal Access

Our online interface make it possible to manage your system from anywhere. Access voicemails, call logs, call recordings and call routing. If you don’t have time to make technical changes, our support staff are available for your needs.

Hunt Groups

Allows you to rotate incoming calls through a pool of extensions until the call is answered by one of the extensions.

Auto Attendant

The auto attendant functions like a virtual receptionist, that welcomes callers and directs them to departments, employees and other company information.

Call Recording

Recording and monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls. Our innovative recording solution lets you record your calls on a call-by-call basis (On-demand recording) or record all calls automatically.

Call Parking

Call Park feature allows you to take a call on one extension, “transfer” the call to a “slot” called the “Park Orbit”, and retrieve the call from another extension.

Office Hours & Holidays

Automatically route incoming calls by configuring your office hours and holidays, or special events.

Agent Call Queues

Professionally manage your incoming calls. Allow for lining up incoming calls with waiting positions and estimated waiting times for the next available representative.

Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to stay connected, anywhere, anytime. Setup Call forwarding to a cell phone or any outside number.

Email notifications

Unify your email inbox by sending email notifications for a vast variety of events. You can receive notifications for new Voicemail messages, Conference appointments, Fax messages, Missed Call notifications and more!

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voicemail messages as email attachments directly to your inbox.

Flexible Call Routing

Handle incoming calls by routing them to the correct department automatically. Configure call routing based on phone numbers, holidays, or business hours

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Our Busy Lamp Field feature lets you monitor the status of other extensions in your group and retrieve parked calls. The status of each monitored extension or parking slot is indicated by the LEDs on phone

Cell phone integration

Allows you to use your cell phone as your primary business extension or simultaneously alert your cell phone with your fixed office extension. Your cell phone can even be part of a hunt group and perform advanced call control functions.

Caller ID control

Control what Caller ID appears when you make an outbound call. The Caller ID control feature allows you to present your main company number, your individual DID, or even a published number that your customers already know when making outbound calls.

Address book Syncronization

Synchronize your entire address book and calendar appointments directly from your Office365 or Outlook profile.


Send text transcriptions of your voicemails directly to your email


Connect with other individuals in real time with the simple click of a mouse


Extensions and MS Teams extensions to seamlessly communicate with each other. MS Teams can belong to hunt groups or agent groups, along with receiving and making outbound calls
SaleForce integration plugs into the SalesForce web interface and serves as a softphone within SalesForce.

Google Calendar

Synchronize your google calendar and configure call routing based on events or holidays
Synchronize your office address book

Hospitality (PMS)

Integrate with most property management systems (PMS). The PBX includes a PMS client that can report maid codes and do-not-disturb events. For hotels, allow room-to-room and Guests wake up calls.

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